These tutorials should help you getting into a productive workflow with MusE. The idea behind the tutorials is to get into MusE without having to read the dry manual or get through some try'n'error trials.

There are some brand new (december 2009) video tutorials for MusE available here:

Tutorial 1 Some basics

Tutorial 2 More midi functions

(pt 1 and pt 2, youtube didn't allow the full length in one video)

Tutorial 3 drum programming
[90%] Tutorial0 midisetup + internal settings
[10%] Tutorial1 use internal softsynths
[00%] Tutorial2 external softsynths (hydrogen, zynaddsubfx)
[00%] Tutorial3 'real' external synthesizers
[00%] Tutorial4 MusE + synthesizer + live audio recording
[00%] Tutorial5 using jack + LADSPA plugins while recording

There are 2 more external tutorials listed in the Links section. !

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