You can help us to translate the MusE interface into your language. We currently have a English interface and basic German support. Note: This means that the interface will be translated not the official manual nor this weppage.

  • English [100%] - MusE native
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • French
  • German
  • Swedish
  • Spanish

You find instruction in the source tar ball in the file called README.translate or here on this page. If your translation is finished send your translation to our mailing list.


Currently included translations are (atleast):

fr  french
de German
ru russian
sv_SE swedish
es Spanish
pl Polish


If you want to contribute a translation the following hints may be of help to you:

Step 1:

If you want to update an existing translation, skip to step 2.

If you want to do a new translation, start with creating an empty translation file:

           touch share/locale/muse_fr.ts

Step 2:

If you want to update an existing translation and you downloaded a stable release (not a snapshot) of MusE, skip to step 3.

Populate your .ts file with the newest strings

           mkdir build
           cd build
           cmake -DUPDATE_TRANSLATIONS=ON ..
           make translations
           cmake -DUPDATE_TRANSLATIONS=OFF ..
           cd ..

Your file share/locale/muse_fr.ts is now ready for translation. It is recommended that you copy this file to some other place and and work on the copy.

Step 3:

     Edit "muse_fr.ts" manually or use the Qt "linguist" tool:
           linguist muse_fr.ts

Step 4:

Save the edited file "muse_fr.ts" from linguist and start File->Release. This generates the file "muse_fr.qm". Copy this file into your muse installation folder, <prefix>/share/muse-2.0/locale/ or copy your edited "muse_fr.ts" into share/locale in the source tree and rebuild/install muse

           cd build
           cmake -DUPDATE_TRANSLATIONS=OFF ..
           sudo make install

Step 5:

Test: If your system locale is set to the same language as your translation, simply start MusE:


Otherwise, start MusE with the desired locale using the -l flag

                 muse2 -l fr

Send the file to us and we'll include it into the next release of MusE. Read on here: Muse_ml

Thanks for your support!

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