This section contains an internal todo list if you have bugs to report or feature requests to... well, request. Please try our bug tracker:

In the TODO section we discuss about bugs in MusE. As discribed in the terminology section below the icons show the status of a bug. Bug handling is used mainly from developers and no bugs should be added here unless you know what you are doing.

But if you found a bug and it's not listed here you should use the mailing list to let us know what went wrong. If you already solved the problem with the bug you can create a patch, as discribed in the CVS section and send it to the lmuse developer mailing list.


bug_open.png = not fixed
bug_closed.png = fixed
bug_confirmed.png = confirmed bug
bug_pending.png = not assigned yet
bug_pending2.png = bug confirmed but the bug will probably not be fixed at the moment

 This could be for various reasons:
 - too much work to fix it
 - it is not clear how to fix it
 >> if someone else wishes to take a shot at it they are welcome to do so.

TODO 2.1

  • bug_open.png LV2 support
  • bug_open.png Fades & Crossfades
  • bug_open.png Improved automation, multi-point editing, copy/paste
  • bug_open.png Volume trim on the channel-strip
  • bug_open.png Batch create tracks'n'stuff
  • bug_open.png Harmonized midi-strip
  • bug_open.png Switch Add strip to insert track below, atleast with kbd shrt
  • bug_open.png Add preferred/favourite plugin to the top off the list
  • bug_open.png Dragging strips in the mixer to rearrange the layout (or perhaps rearrange the view WRT to the arranger)
  • bug_open.png Fix the Aux names on each mixer-strip so they actually show the name
  • bug_open.png Add a favourites list to the plugin dialog


TODO items

List of items that need to be worked on.

  • bug_open.png The metronome plays to many notes when a song is played and "metronome" is "off" in the transport pannel. After a while of playback without any metronome sound (what is ok so far) toggling the metronome button will play all the events in the metronome queue (i suppose) and this is wrong because only 1 note should be triggered but "muse -m -M" displays much more triggers. (js)
  • bug_open.png Sometimes MusE terminates with the following error: tickValues(0x79637c73) not found(1)
  • bug_open.png Handling of ports in drum editor needs to be fixed, it should default to the selected synth of the track.
  • bug_open.png Bigtime window and transport pannel don't have an icon in the taskbar yet. Maybe we should use not the same as the main program does. Use the other brighter icon.

Closed bugs

Bugs closed during 0.7.x development (please see bug tracker also)

  • bug_closed.png The shortcut buttons in the file dialogs have bad defaults for Project, it should default to PWD so all three shortcut buttons point to different places. (rj)

Bugs closed during 0.7 development

    • MusE icon for KDE/Gnome taskbar. Thanks Emiliano Grilli for the icon he made.
    • [done] Improve mixer buttons for STEREO, S can be confused for Solo.
  • bug_closed.png Fix so you can not place several markers on the same spot from the ruler (deemed invalid)
  • bug_closed.png changing tempo while having master track disabled sometimes causes MusE to quit with: processMidi: FATAL: cur > next 6806 > 4093
  • bug_closed.png homepage problem: mozilla has some serious CSS quirks I couldn't solve. Could someone get into this who knows a bit more about it? The new-css supported topmenu is affected. Navigation trough the homepage (not the wiki) is working nice with konqueror and mozilla.
    Source: OutputPages.php search for joachim I've marked the code i've added for the css thing. (js)
  • bug_closed.png Step record puts all events at the beginning of the part.
  • bug_closed.png Naming a part in the arranger and pressing enter makes the editor launch since the 'Enter'-key is sent to the pcanvas as well (ml)
  • bug_closed.png "Disable SplashScreen" is missing in the main menu. (js) Added a config option to disable the splash screen(ws)
  • bug_closed.png Drumeditor: moving a note up or down will give the moved note(s) the new timepossition 0001:01:000 but this is wrong because then all notes get displaced ;P (js)
  • bug_closed.png Softsynths do not have aux. (rj)
  • bug_closed.png Drumedit/Pianoroll -> Moving a selection of notes to the left (aka before the song or 0001.01.000 as it's common on the transport pannel) MusE will crash with this message:
root@debian:/home/joachim/muse# ./muse
dlist:songChanged() redraw
dlist:songChanged() redraw
cca_open_socket: could not connect to host 'localhost', service '14541'
cca_init: could not connect to server 'localhost' - disabling ladcca
  • bug_closed.png Pianoroll: When using shortcuts for selecting quant/attach values (key 1-7), if Attached to is Off, MusE segfaults with muse: tb1.cpp:201: void Toolbar1::setQuant(int): Assertion `0' failed. (ml)
  • bug_closed.png Drum mapping of in/outkeys is not working (ml)
  • bug_closed.png setting song length with the arranger tools to 13000 bars *g* MusE crashess, 12000 works well -- changed: now MusE accepts only 9999 bars. This is not a real fix because the max number depends on tempo. MusE should never crash on tick computation overflows (rj: same issue listed as another bug now, closing)
  • bug_closed.png when instantiating fluidsynth it must have an output connected before the soundfont is loaded in the gui
  • bug_closed.png Templates open with TrackInfo nonvisible though they are visible when you open the template as a song. (ws): cannot reproduce this (rj: only affects old templates, they will be redone)
  • bug_closed.png using Apply or Ok in the Global Settings dialog will crash MusE imediate. (js) (rj: this happens when RTC is not available, MusE crashes while trying to reset RTC) (ws): MusE now terminates on open rtc error.
  • bug_pending2.png fix the arranger scrollbar so you can scroll "after" the song, only way to do it now is to change scale, which is not a good solution - it's possible by extending the length of the song.
  • bug_pending2.png Loading and/or starting songs is seemingly very timing critical I (robert) had a compile going in the background and had all sorts of strange fenomenon. (robert: degraded to hearsay)
  • bug_pending2.png Importing stuff while transport is running works but there are some really annoying noises.
  • bug_closed.png Pitchbend does not work during recording, it does work on the finished track though.
  • bug_closed.png Pitchbend does not import correctly from midi files (atleast not midi files that muse exported)
  • bug_closed.png Using: "edit - delete track" hangs MusE
  • bug_closed.png Putting stereo plugins on a mono-track crashes muse.
  • bug_closed.png split/join does not work on audio tracks.
  • bug_closed.png Plugins with custom gui's does not work anymore(Freeverb and Tap reverb) on my system (robert)... and the TAP plugin even gives a very strange error about "Conflict in /usr/local/lib/muse/qtplugins/designer/ Plugin uses single threaded Qt library!"
  • bug_closed.png midifile export always have tempo 120 if mastertrack is disabled.
  • bug_closed.png "Random rithm generator" should be removed from the 0.7 release because it's not working at all and is not considered to be working in the comming 0.7 release.
  • bug_closed.png Shortcuts should be cleaned up. There are missing shortcuts and inconsistencies between the existing ones.
  • bug_closed.png When recording, midi-parts get slightly longer than the locator position when you press stop (robert: they don't anymore..could have been misinterpretation of mine)
  • bug_closed.png Changing volume or pan in trackinfo for miditrack does not update mixer view, the other way works
  • bug_closed.png sometimes there are consitency errors with audio parts in song file which prevent songs from loading (robert) has happened several real evidence though
  • bug_closed.png metronome does not start at the correct position when used during recording, it does start correctly during playback; (ws:) this only happens if "precount" is activated (precount does not work, see below)
  • bug_closed.png editing aux-level during playback leads to segfault
  • bug_closed.png record indicator not updated in trackInfo when pressed in arranger or mixer
  • bug_closed.png toggling mono/stereo does not update correctly the meters when used in trackInfo for an audio track
  • bug_closed.png Softsynths go insane if they are connected only to the metronome but not to a midi track
  • bug_closed.png Add possibility to report bugs from the Help menu (simply a browser link to SF bug system should do)
  • bug_closed.png Improve the Help->About with more info, Splash screen etc... Note: (rj) could be even better, do not hesitate to come with improvement suggestions :)
  • bug_closed.png Add link to home page from Help menu
  • bug_closed.png crashes when a song is loaded and trying to do [new] song of type audio (does happen once in a while)
  • bug_closed.png pasting by holding in ctrl+v in the arranger results in that a HUGE amount of parts are placed on the same place.
  • bug_closed.png can't record audio, muse aborts when rec+play is pressed, (only if an input track is connected)
  • bug_closed.png Crash when missing plugins on song load.
  • bug_closed.png sometimes when a .MusE file is present, the meters in the mixer get all red and don't work at all.
  • bug_closed.png can't hear what is being played when playing through fluidsynth, but on replay the sounds are played (sometimes) - affected all synths, probably a bug in jack0.97, worked with jack0.94 - update: does work with 0.97.5...update on the update: not always...still problems with 0.97.5
  • bug_closed.png pan goes to from -2 to +2 should be -1 to +1
  • bug_closed.png mixer levels are not saved
  • bug_closed.png several of the softsynths are not moved to the new arch, (all synths now moved)
  • bug_closed.png editing and viewing velocity does not seem to work in the drum editor
  • bug_closed.png volume & pan & effect settings are not saved in song file
  • bug_closed.png in listeditor a click on "insert channel aftertouch/ insert key aftertouch" will crash MusE imediately
  • bug_closed.png "edit - mastertrack - graphic" can be started but after moving the mouse over the window MusE crashes
  • bug_closed.png when muse is compiled with qt3.2 the console spits out a large number of "QString::toLongLong: Invalid base (0)" upon startup. Perhaps this means muse isn't 3.2 compatible after all? --- There are subtle changes between different QT-Versions. 3.3 interprets a number base of 0 in string to int conversions as "automatic". In 3.2 there is no such function.
  • bug_closed.png Start from fresh, Add one of wav/input/output/aux track, delete it, resize window -> boom
  • bug_closed.png tempo isn't saved in the song file
  • bug_closed.png Not possible to load song from prompt. (muse hangs) Closing again
  • bug_closed.png MusE crashes on missing plugins (rj: closed again, must have misinterpreted crash)
  • bug_closed.png LADCCA support is broken (presumed to work now)
  • bug_closed.png Tools in midi editor should have visual feedback about activity. e.g. while extending a note the mouse should change it's shape. Same for moving notes.
  • bug_closed.png Metronome does not always work during recording, atleast not when connected to a softsynth (fluid in this case) (rj, can no longer reproduce).
  • bug_closed.png Jack newer than 0.94 does not work with muse-softsynths. They only playback every other try and you don't hear what you play during recording. (rj: works now??)
  • bug_closed.png Patch selection in midi-trackinfo is not saved in song
  • bug_closed.png Fix browser link in help menu (doesn't work since muse runs RT) a possible plan is to add a script that launches the browser...or use the QT html widget... (ws:) i saw this once but cannot reproduce it anymore. Internally MusE runs with effective user id != root so this should normally always work. (rj) reopening: defintively happens on some systems (mine)
  • bug_closed.png Can't select drums from fluidsynth. ((rj)reopening, does not work in all situations...e.g. if you manually change the patch in the trackInfo, (rj) closing again, seems to work sufficiently, probably based on user error)
  • bug_closed.png Fluidsynth behaves strange when several fonts are loaded, also does not seem to like when there are lots of instances started, I(rj) started five, the fifth didn't produce any sound...will test more (rj:2) not a problem anymore. Probably not muse's fault in the first place.
  • bug_closed.png givertcaps support is broken

Joachim's MusE TODOs

Redo of the MusE homepage:

-main dialog
 \--- cookie, list all, add user, remove user
  \--- news system
  • redo screenshot section, make it nice with fancy boxes, add more comments.
  • [longterm] wiki latex export to get a documentation in printable
  • image <- Design ideas...


  • redo most screenshots with more content AND the same theme - plastic for KDE


Design fixes

  • background image (eyecandy) in canvas
  • marker icon is not the same as in the menu
  • buttons in arranger top and transport have to get a nice background image or color if pressed. Another idea would be to create two icons:
    • clicked ones
    • non clicked ones
  • 0.8: Add more specific help with help-cursor and toolbar.
  • BUG: not all widgets have the muse icon in the taskbar ;P
    • LADSPA effects won't have an icon at all
  • colors in arranger are still not included
  • language selector into main menu somewhere
  • German translation of muse interface [30% done]
  • k3b like widgets (nice graphic, scaleable)
  • k3b like "add menu" if you rightclick you get also nice icons.
  • velocity filter: only marked note's velocity should be affected with the draw tool (think this is true already for drum track)
  • Add Systemcheck like k3b/kile. We could check for:
    • jackd being installed and running
    • jackd: which user jackd compared to muse is running
    • jackd: if realtime is enabled
    • jackd: which latency is set


  • make "~" the shortcut for trackinfo
  • pianoroll+drum: if notes are selected the ctrl editor should only change the velocity of selected notes (the velocity color should change, as being selected or not)
  • client server app for saving and getting small and medium sized drum loops, some samples together with simpledrums will help to get a basic feeling. we should support some stuff like:
    • ethnic
    • drum'n'base
    • cool jazz
    • swing
    • mmm (short version of: much much more)
  • mine type for med
  • idf file specification
  • *.med will find all .med files but not .Med or .mEd .... same goes for import midi file!
  • add support to export wave files instead of having "dump to file again" or search in the directory for files
  • better documentation of realtime errors (see app.cpp ~ line130)
  • colored output and stdout routed into buffer, list in MusE, colored like qjackctl
  • filter AND song follow buttons should be in the main toolbar, too
  • F8 should call the sysex dialog
  • while mouse over on a button in the arranger not only a short description should pop up, there should also the respective shortcut appear, too.
  • add mouse wheel support in muse drum+pianoroll+arranger dialog (you can go trough the tools with the mousewheel then)
  • jackloophander() if MusE is started and jack hasn't been started yet (which happens often) MusE should go into a loop and poll until jackd is started (or even better should start it on it's one)
  • some icons need a redo or are missing:
- muse *.med icon
- muse start icon should be installed into the kde menu or such

Dialogs which have to get touched because of missing exit keys:

  • Marker dialog is invoked with F9 but F9 won't close it afterwards also esc should close the dlg
  • midi input plugin: transpose (won't close on esc)
  • mastertrack list / graphic (won't close on esc)
  • add clone track to the menu (as with de-clone object)
  • colors are wrong (arranger, F11)
  • do a better documentation of realtime problems you get if you start muse from console and don't have installed the realtime modules correctly.
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