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Project crashing MusE when loading
Hi Justin,
I've looked at the songfile now and unfortunately it opens here... Though I can't be sure it's opening correctly, there are some errors in the console for instance.

What version of MusE are you running?
If you start muse2 from a terminal and try opening the song, are there any warnings/errors written in the terminal before it crashes?

I get warnings that could be traces of the deleted tracks you were referring to:
Quote:Route::read(): track <fluid-0> not found
Warning - route invalid. Ignoring route!

I'm running the development version of MusE from here <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> if you are comfortable installing from source, do try that version.
One last thing. When MusE saves a new version of the song, it leaves the last save <song>.med.backup. You could try opening that and see if it still works.

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