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MusE 2.0.1 and midi sync
Hi, I am using the 2.0.1 version on avlinux and I'm trying to make muse sync with midi clock but it seems MusE does not respond.In the ports muse shows clock activity but, nothing!Is it a bug?
Hi korakios,

I believe midi clock should work just fine with 2.0.1.

To try and isolate the issue you can also try starting MusE with -m (I think) to print input-midi in the terminal, maybe it gives a clue.
You did check the "Slave to external sync" option? (or click the [Sync] button in the transport)

Started muse with -m and I can see clock and start stop messages coming but no response!I have doubled check that the "Slave to external sync" is on and the jack options are disabled.The transport is in sync mode but I tried external gear and seq24 with no luck.
Hello. Looks like you're doing everything correct, so far.

There are some extra columns in that Sync Settings dialog.
Make sure the 'RC' column is clicked for the desired device, to accept clock from it.

Next, depending on the capabilities of your external hardware, you will want
to click on at least one of the columns 'RR', 'RM', and/or 'RT'.

'RR' tells it to accept midi real-time commands such as play/stop/locate.
Virtually all midi hardware can do that. This is likely the one you want,
because without it there will be no transport operations.

'RM' tells it to accept MMC commands, which some hardware supports.

'RT' tells it to accept MTC time code. Don't bother with this one, it's not fully supported
at the moment.

Similar instructions for corresponding 'TC', 'TR', 'TM', and 'TT' output columns on the right.

There are tooltips if you hover the mouse, and more detailed 'What's This' help available.

Good luck.
terminator356 Wrote:Next, depending on the capabilities of your external hardware, you will want
to click on at least one of the columns 'RR', 'RM', and/or 'RT'.

YES!I wasn't aware of that,sorry.Thank you very much.If it's able to receive midi clock AND control Jack (which does actually!) and transmit MMC ,Muse would be a unique powerful tool for syncing programs and external gear.
Ah, yes, I must warn that support for transmitting clock over Jack midi devices is slightly flawed
at the moment, just that there's a ton of jitter which may lead to some drift.
I really must get back in there and fix that properly, I neglected to make it sample accurate over Jack <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

But you may actually find it works OK.


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