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Hello monzz90!
and sorry for the delay, seems we read this forum to seldom.

monzz90 Wrote:Hello,

im studying about music tech and the different types of softwares and i would like to know the following
i would like to know what makes MUse unique compared to other softwares?
the benefits of muse has to its customers (the users)?
and pretty much a lil brief info to what muse is about

Sure I will give it a try.
MusE is, as you probably know, open source which does set it apart from most proprietary software, also it's only available for unix/linux platforms currently.
The purpose of MusE is to create an integrated musicans studio where most things shall already be available in the package but still not hinder anyone wanting to connect to external equipment or software.
A number of softsynths and a few effects are included in the package. MusE also support the plugin formats available on linux, apart from LV2 which isn't included yet (but will be).
I guess MusE isn't really unique in that sense since there are lots of softwares that go for this goal.

Speaking for myself as a user (I use it to create music all the time) I find MusE fast, easy and stable to work with, especially when you want to combine midi and audio recordings.
MusE has been around for quite some time, about 14 years I think, still I find MusE quite vital and new things are being added all the time.

Looking around on the front page, and trying it out, will probably show it more clearly.


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