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Bounce MIDI plugin tracks (faster than RT)
danboid Wrote:Hi Musers!

I gave Muse a quick look a few months back and of course its the new VST support that has lulled me back into seriously kicking the Muse tyres as my potential new DAW of choice! I know Muse lets you bounce all tracks down to a file or a new, single track but it doesn't yet seem to support the quick bouncing of one or more MIDI plugin tracks to wave track(s) does it? Thanks to Muse's JACK MIDI support, this should be doable right? The way I see this working is like this:

A new 'Bounce track' option would be needed for each MIDI track in the arranger. This would be a dropdown that shows any existing wave tracks that aren't already assigned as a bounce track because any wave track would only be allowed to be associated with one MIDI track at a time. There doesn't seem to be any way to say hold CTRL and select multiple MIDI tracks within the arranger but I'd want something like this to be available too so you could quickly select multiple MIDI tracks then you'd select 'Bounce MIDI plugins' from the arrangers Audio menu and any selected MIDI tracks that also had corresponding bounce tracks set would get bounced faster than RT.

That'd be the icing on the cake for me!

Hi Dan,
To bounce midi doesn't really make sense to me... I'm thinking you mean the output from softsynths, that right?
In that case it is supported but could be improved, it might not be that intuitive and possibly buggy (do send us the bugreports in that case!)

First, for faster than realtime bouncing, enter the MusE Settings->Global Settings and check "Try to use Jack Freewheel". It's off by default because it has been buggy in the past. I tried now and it worked fine for a short test.

Secondly, MusE doesn't really distinguish what can be bounced. Everything that produces audio can be bounced, this includes softsynths, wave tracks, audio inputs.
If you want to bounce something specific to a new track click the solo buttons on these tracks so when you playback, only what you want bounced is heard. Now select a wave track as target (by clicking in the track info) and choose bounce to track. It should silently fly through and produce a copy of what you wanted. Now you are free to disable
Now, one thing we've been discussing to improve is adding a FREEZE button to all audio producing tracks. This way it would be possible to conserve CPU but not clutter the arrangement.


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