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MusE 2.1rc2 released
MusE 2.1rc2 Dec 10, 2012

As so often happens around here, features creep in <!-- sWink --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt="Wink" title="Wink" /><!-- sWink -->
Tim has been hard at work adding native VST support and it went
a bit faster than anticipated so why not include it?

Also, there's been some bugfixes see the changelog for more information.
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Find the download at the usual place:

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MusE on!
The MusE Team

MusE 2.1rc1 Nov 18, 2012

This is the first (and hopefully) only release candidate for MusE 2.1. This is a feature release
with a bunch of bugs fixed for good measure. Improvements are for instance a new drum track type,
improved wave editor, improved midi import/export and improved controller editing.

Some more changes:
* New type of drum track with easier instrument handling
* Introducing: Improved Wave Editor.
* Longtime wierdness in MusE, song-type is finally removed
* Improved: Deicsonze soft synthesizer: Fixed crash, bugs, added ladspa plugins
* Added: Request from forums: Auto-start Jack upon MusE startup. Command-line disable switch -J added
* Added aftertouch controller handling
* Piano KB and drum list show coloured dots when per-pitch controllers exist or have data.
* Improved: Instrument Editor (controller tab): Redesigned. Fixed MANY bugs
* Improved: Midi controller graph 'Ctrl' popup menus now unified (cascading).
* Improved: built-in templates and removed lots of unneeded definitions
* Improved: Velocity graphs. Icon for showing per-note or all velocities
* Improved: Piano KB has current selected note (yellow). For velocity/polyaftertouch/other per-note ctrls
* Added 'speaker' icon to drum edit. And drum list and piano keyboard now obey the 'speaker' icon
* Improved: Multi-port (aka multi-channel) midi import and export
* Added Gain knob on channel strip for audio tracks
* Changed WaveTrack and AudioInput to create mono tracks instead of stereo
* Added handling of missing soundfonts in fluidsynth load so a dialog asking for replacement soundfont pops up
* Added: Informative text on Undo/Redo buttons/menu text/tooltips ("Undo AddTrack" etc).
* Fixed CR:3567893 Play Event on note creation
* Bug 3555569, 3555572: New informative ERROR, WARNING and HINT messages in cmake build script.
* Bug 3555581: No synths listed in Edit menu: main.cpp: Move initMidiSynth() ahead of MusE.
* Feature request 3565102: FLAC audio file import.
* Fix for forum topic "Ordering of simultaneous events".
* Summer sleep is over! plugins can now be grouped
* Finished the Sysex Editor in the Instrument Editor.
* increased zoom range in arranger, reversed zoom in wave editor

For more information and additional changes see the changelog:
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Find the download at:
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MusE on!
The MusE Team
How to install this in Fedora 17?
Hi, sorry for late reply.
Either await the release of a package for Fedora 17, I don't know their release practices so can't tell you if that will happen in the short term, or build from source.

Building from source should not be too hard following the README in the source package.
The biggest issue is probably getting all packages that MusE depends on installed.
You need to use yum and install a bunch of devel packages.
sudo yum install ..and a list of all depending packages that MusE needs.. the packages are listed in the README but they should be installed with yum.

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