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inserting an effect
What is the best way to insert an external fx on a track ? For example Guitarix. Is it mandatory to create an input track + an output track + make the connections with Jack ? Nothing more simple ?
And, other than that, when will you remove the spam from the forum ?

Hi Jean-Pierre!

I'm not a dev, so I don't know about the spam.
For guitarix: - you can use the ladspa-guitarix plugins inside muse.
I know about plugins, I was searching about the easiest way to route external (ie not plugins) fx.
Thank you for the answer though.
Hello jp_no9,

very sorry about the spam in the forum. I had set up notifications for new messages but I had not gotten any for several weeks so I didn't check.
I've removed all the spam now and unfortunately also took the decision to only allow posts for logged in users (see the sticky post)

As for your question you have the right idea.
For the moment the track->output->jack_effect->input is the way to do it. At some point we will likely make this easier by allowing external connections inside an Aux strip.

Hi. Coincidentally, I've been working with fabulous Guitarix (and Faust) now since October.
So I can share some insight.
(Ironically, Guitarix's site allows anonymous posts.)

Yes the proper way to do an external insert is to use
Audio Output -> external app -> Audio Input.

You can tell MusE about this link, so that soloing any track in the entire chain causes the
entire chain to solo. That is, before and including the Audio Output, and after and including
the Audio Input. That link feature is found in the 'oR' and 'iR' routing pop-ups, respectively.
This 'soloing chain' feature also works for Midi Port -> Audio Input and can be accessed via
the Midi Track 'oR' button or Audio Input 'iR' button.

Caveat: Using an external Jack path like this adds round-trip latency.

That's why I'm trying to make Guitarix Head and Cabinet LADSPA plugins to replace
the old Guitarix Distortion and friends. It is super easy to make your own individual
GX Head Amp LADSPA plugins, like "12AX7" etc. Faust is nice. I'm actually trying
to house them all in one plugin or even just one shared library. It's verrry tricky, I've
had some success but serious drawbacks.

MusE really needs a latency compensation system during playback and mixdown etc.
when you may be forced to use large Jack buffers.
Then we can use any external app or routing path, and hopefully Jack will tell us the
path latency and we can compensate and align all waves and midis.
Been thinking of such a system. Tricky. We'd want some user input to fine-adjust the
times especially for plugins/apps which add further unknown internal latency.

Guitarix's 'Insert' feature, surprisingly does not appear to add any further latency
IF you simply leave it alone, that is pass straight through, even though there is clearly
a connection from output to input through Jack.

For live playing, instead of using Guitarix as an insert in MusE, think parallel.
The idea is that Guitarix has so many features that ideally one should not really have to
use it as an insert, because one should not need to add any effects before or after it.
Inevitably though, one may want to use a different effect than GX has, like phaser.


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