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MusE quits with error
Whenever I try to start MusE, It comes up with the error that it can't find a JACK server and will run with the -a option (no audio), and will then close immediately. Problem is, it's doing this even when JACK *is* running. Still does it under ASLA as well.

I'm running Linux Mint 11 64-bit on a Dell Studio laptop, and attempting to run version 1.1

Hi Dean,

very sorry for the delay, my notification for this board doesn't seem to work...

Have you built any part of your system by yourself or are the packages all from Mint?
Might it be that you have several versions of Jack installed? Having both jack1 and jack2 installed can sometimes lead to wierd errors unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Something to try is the following:
Start jack in a terminal and add the -v flag to give verbose printouts. In another terminal start muse with -D flag to make muse more verbose
Post the output of both here (atleast the relevant parts incase the jack output is very big).

Also, when MusE is started with -a it should not close, if there are any error messages for that in the printout do send them along.


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