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copy parts
After a few weeks experimenting we have come up with a (final) solution for all of our Muse problems - so it seems Tongue
Because the Automation system in Muse is not fully mature yet, we are now using only the midi capacities of Muse. We do not open a VSTi inside Muse anymore, but we use the midi tracks and output ports of Muse to spit out their information to the VSTi's that we have opened in Carla. The VSTi settings can be saved with Carla and load them back in.
Muse is used to record, playback and modify the midi parts in the midi tracks.

The CC's produced by the Midi controllers are recorded in the midi parts, which can later be moved and copied. 

Because Muse is running on the Slave computer in our Jack Transport system, we can make use of the "Jack" button to get out of the Jack System from the Master computer, do some individual work and get back in sync by clicking this "Jack" button a second time.
And that's what we were looking for...

I have updated the Wiki blog page so that interested users might benefit from:

Thanks again Spamatica, for all of your assistance!

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