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copy parts
Hello again,
I did another test, now with my external usb keyboard connected. Basically what I wanted to test was the midi input transform, to see that it really is possible to use the CCs that are available on your external keyboard and transform them to what the synth expects.

The external keyboard I used is a tiny 2 octave keyboard with a pitchbend and modulation joystick.
Modulation I found out is CC1 and the brightness of this synth we have been speaking about is CC18.
So to make this work I tried setting up a transform that moves CC1 values to CC18.

here is a screenshot of how it looked:

And it did work, but I don't think this is entirely bug free. If you notice the pianoroll, it shows a parameter Gen.Purp.3, the yellow part is where I moved the joystick. This should really have been recorded on the Brightness controller that is already in the menu, apparently MusE does not realize it is the same thing when it comes in to the track this way.

I also tried to find out if this really work with multiple controllers mapped but as I only have pitch bend and modulation it was hard. Pitch bend did behave wierd but since it's not very similar I actually think it might work. I set up a second CC mapping and the CC1->18 mapping continued to work at least. Not sure what the MODULE part in the lower right does though..

I hope that helps,

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