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LV2 GTK2 ui support is not available
(03-25-2016, 02:46 AM)jgiles10014 Wrote: and then the GUI crashes.  I've found one reference on the mailing list, about recompiling lv2Gtk2Helper, which I did try with an error "make: Nothing to be done for 'all'."  I am not sure how to fix it, and hopefully someone here might be able to give me a clue.  Thanks!


Hi jg,

Indeed you need to recompile the helper .so files. They are prebuilt for x86 and x64 as a means for sparing people to track down all the dependencies.
I believe the makefile has been improved in current git so it might be a bit more user friendly there. Btw, git is getting ready for release so I would recommend using that instead of 2.2.1.

It seems you found the correct dir. I tried now to compile it with 2.2.1 and I had to remove the *.so files in the folder before it tried to compile.
You also need the development packages for gtkmm (libgtkmm2.4-dev for me) and all it's dependencies.

After this do: make

If you have a 64-bit raspberry you can do make without arguments.

Hope that helps,

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