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VST connections lost after re-opening
[quote pid='482' dateline='1458477116']
What is happening?
- i opened an existing song. As you can see in the screenshot below, the midi track is pointing to the VST
- VST cheesemachine has 4 notes and, in this case, i drew CC3 events. You can see the screenshot here:
- the strip is set to TOUCH
- but the Attack knob ( to which i assigned the CC3 data) of the VST is NOT moving and the option is greyed out as you can see in


Hello Menno, trying to understand your setup now.
Are you expecting the CC recorded to the midi track to affect the automation?
In that case that isn't how i works.
When you assign a midi controller to an automatable parameter it needs to come from a midi device (one of the midi devices that are configured in your system as midi input capable)
In this case it seems you had manually added the CC3 events on the track and then they will send CC3 to the synth but nothing else will happen.
Another case is that you record the midi live, then the CC3 would both automate the Pitch parameter (if it is set to touch) and record CC3 to the midi track (which will send CC3 to the synth)

The automation system is mostly separated from the midi system, infact, you don't need to record at all to add automation.
If you have your synth set to Touch and just press play and start sending CC3 the parameter will be automated and it will be stored on the synth track.

One one end this is extremely useful but also rather complex so you have convinced me that more videos on how to do this would be a very good thing and I will try to add that as soon as possible.

Quote:I think somehow the connection gets lost and so the option is greyed out.
Perhaps we could meet up at #lmuse or #lad? This could speed up the solving process?

Actually I'm online now, I think, I'm not so big on irc Tongue
I'll try to stay online for a while incase you show up.


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