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VST trouble to control
(10-23-2015, 10:56 AM)Hello Menno, sorry for the delay, again.First I have a little vendetta with the forum, I\ve set it to mail me when there Wrote: - the VST is a dll, Alfa Free VST
- the ddsi-vst bridge works fine, it is very stable

With this you mean that it works with other synths?

What i do:
- rightclick in the Automation part of the track  of the VST
- choose, for example, CC33 of my midi controller
- assign and midi learn it to, for example, the filter cutoff of the VST. When i move the slider of my midi controller, i see the knob of Alfa Free moving. This means the connections is made
- i record the CC33 in a midi track that points to ALfa Free and can confirm that the movements have been recorded.
- But when i play back the track, the VST cutoff filter does NOT move although it should receive the midi CC33 - and that is the part that i do not understand.
I assigned CC33 to a function in the VST instrument but it does not respond when played back?

What am i doing wrong?

It seems to me you are doing it perfectly right.

I tried the same now on this installation and with FreeAlpha.dll I can record midi automation with my keyboard and have the synth play it back just fine. I also tried restarting MusE and loading the song again, it seems to behave as expected.
As you are also using kxstudio it seems our setups are very similar.

Please try some other synth and see if this problem is universal.
Maybe there are versions of the FreeAlpha synth that have a bug. The one I have installed seems to be 2.03.

My midi keyboard only has the pitch controller that I can use for entering automation. Since I currently can't test it, possibly there is a bug in MusE if you use another controller. So if you can, see if makes a difference using pitch bend. I doubt it though.

The .med file is attached.
Haven't looked at the med file yet but I don't think it will reveal anything.


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