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No Sound
Quote:Does anyone know how to get the MIDI output to route to the sound card's builtin synth?

What I'm trying to do is condense a 13 track MIDI into a single track for output to a keyboard.


Hi man!
very sorry for the delay, the notifier for this forum isn't really working Undecided

As for you question, I suppose you really mean the sound cards midi output?

Very few recent cards have a built in synth. Back in the day when soundblaster live etc the synth appeared in the list of midi devices from ALSA.
These devices required that you loaded a soundfont on the device though.

As for the midi port on the sound card it should also appear as an ALSA device.
Do notice that MusE defaults to using only jack midi-devices, jack can show the midi devices but doesn't by default.
MusE can show ALSA devices directly if you start MusE with the -A flag.

Let me know if that helps,

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