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Project crashing MusE when loading
I was using Muse for about the past 5 hours, was having a great time, loving how things were sounding. Took a break to watch a movie, then now my saved project will not open and crashes while loading. :\ I've tried starting muse with no audio, ladspa/DSSI disabled and just about every other option I could find under the -h flag, and still just crashes just when the whole project seems to load. All the other projects I've made in it so far open and close fine. I'd love to get all my work back on this track. I think I know WHY the problem started. Durring adding a keyboad track while I was still in the session, I unplugged my midi cable because it can cause some noise on the audio input. This seemed to cause some x-runs in jack, so I plugged it back in. It definitely seems to be related to the midi ports from reading the consol output and jack messages. I've attached the project file. I hope somebody can help me get this working again, I really don't want to loose all of that work.

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Project crashing MusE when loading - by d-sweaters - 11-21-2013, 03:56 PM

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