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DeicsOnze resetting instrument selection?

I believe the version you are using is just before we removed
a troublesome setting, the 'Song Type', in the Arranger toolbar. Correct?
This is almost certainly the cause of your program reverting upon rewind.
Much was cleaned up then, and extra settings and warnings were added for
sending initializations, also upon rewind.

Also, for Deicsonze and other soft synths, the most recent release fixed problems
with not remembering program and so on.
And the next release will address some more problems. Stay tuned...

So, you really ought to grab the latest release 2.1.2
If it is not already packaged for your distro, it is not too hard to
compile from source. Ask if any questions.

Apologies, we tend to be a bit slower answering here, try the mailing lists
for immediate help.


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