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How to expand a midi track

I am trying to migrate away from Windows to the Linux world. Things are going well. The final frontier seems to be the real time applications. I have used various sequencers/daws in Windows, so I have some background with midi and digital audio. I installed Muse several days ago, and so far I am impressed with the midi, though I have more testing to do.

Here is where I am hoping to get some help:
I am recording midi from an external hardware sequencer. I am able to record my song to a midi track OK in Muse. The resulting Track 1 contains 8 channels of midi data. I want to move (or copy, or expand) the data for each channel to it's own track. (Chan9 to track 9, Chan10 to track 10, etc.) What is the easiest way in Muse to do this? I am using Muse 2.0~rc2.

Your help is greatly appreciated,

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