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maybe sombody here might help me.

I got MusE running on Ubuntu Studio 10.10. It works well, If I make a MIDI-Track, I may paint some MIDI-Events and hear them. I'm also able to play on the virtual Keys in the MIDI-Track. But I'm not able to use my MIDI-Keyboard. No MIDI-Information comes to the program (no matter if the button of the track is red or not).

With the synthesizer ZynAddSubFX the keyboard works very well, so I'm sure it's a matter of MusE. What adjustment might be wrong? And where do I find the option to change the MIDI-adjustment?

The MIDI-input goes through the firewire interface (Edirol FA-101) and in Jack I connect it with a2jmidid. How I said, with the standalone-synthesizer I got it running well.


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