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Can't understand double play midi
I am trying to get to grips with Muse and have successfully recorded some midi stuf from a keyboard but I am not sure I am doing it right.
(I use QJackctl and all seems to connect OK)
I set up tracks, a midi track and a fluidsynth track, there is an out track there by default.

So far as I can tell, I get events into the sequencer by setting the Midi track to the usb keyboard.
In order to hear the track, I change the Midi track to fluid synth and play.
Two problem, first of all, whatever I recorded gets played twice and second, I would have thought that I should be able to hear as I play.I can only get the mid sequencer to record if I select the single note button, otherwise, it seems to ignore ,my keyboard.

Can someone point me to the correct part of the docs to get a midi keyboard playing live and recording in the piano roll at the same time?

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Can't understand double play midi - by nerak99 - 02-05-2012, 04:22 PM

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