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cannot verify playback
Hello Evan,

Very sorry for the delay, I starting replying long ago but got side tracked..

(08-03-2016, 07:54 PM)evanjmundy Wrote: Hello.  I recently began using "Lubuntu" more extensively.  I have used MuseScore in recent years on KDE Mini-me, LXDE, and Windows 7.

Just so you know, MusE was created by the same author as MusEScore but it was a long time ago, at this point they aren't that similar anymore.

(08-03-2016, 07:54 PM)evanjmundy Wrote: I do not have an open audio device at this time, so I am using the T5212 E-machines Realtek based motherboard codec as Alsa in Lubuntu and in MusE.  I am a user, not a developer.  Although I am concerned about timing anomoly that can occur at Alsa's current stated 250hz operation, I am more concerned at this stage with just confirming audible playback of any kind.    I have confirmed audio file .wav playback is audible/operational.  However my available midi interfaces seem to be unsupported.  I tried:  Motu Pocket Express (parallel); Midiman Biport 2x4 (serial); and a more contemporary interface: a "USB2.0-midi"  interface. The last one gives signs of a form of recognition, but is unusable.  I have used this device in LXDE with Muse Score, and am prepared to reassign it to MusE/Lubuntu  permanently. Also, I am confused about Alsa playback of softsynths.  

Ok that's a lot of information.
Have you seen the videos available on the homepage? I would recommend watching the first few videos on how to get MusE going.

To give a brief startup here, I don't know what might be wrong with the midi interfaces, these days I'm hoping most interfaces should be supported..
Anyway, unless you want to use MusE purely as a midi sequencer, you need jack running. I have noticed that sometimes *buntu starts jack in the background without letting you know and not connecting it to anything, leading to total silence.

1. running the command 'jack_control exit' in a terminal will make sure there is no jack started by the OS
2. start jack. I usually start it in a terminal but the most user friendly is probably to install qjackctl and use the start button in that.

(08-03-2016, 07:54 PM)evanjmundy Wrote: I am interested in active Jack process, but I guess without a supported midi interface such as USB Midi-sport, I am stuck with Alsa.

I think you are mixing apples and oranges here. the midi interface is very likely connected through alsa. In turn Jack can use the interface to receive and send midi, it Jack is setup to do that.

(08-03-2016, 07:54 PM)evanjmundy Wrote: I expected that softsynths would playback through Alsa but they won't so far.  I attempted to configure the list that includes "fluid synth".  Other programs have generic sound fonts that activate upon software installation.  Must I download soundfonts to expect any softsynth playback?  If so, is this prioritized over the remaining list of softsynths?  I have some of my own soundfonts, but I would rather use a synaptic download, thank you.  But I would rather use a non-soundfont soft synth first to verify Alsa playback.

We have discussed bundling a soundfont but this far MusE only provides the plugin so to get FluidSynth to make sound you need to manually load a sound font in it's gui.
FluidSynth is a solid choice for testing MusE, but only if you have loaded it with a soundfont.

The Organ is otherwise a good choice BUT you need to tweak the parameters, unfortunately it defaults to giving no sound when run under 64bit.

(08-03-2016, 07:54 PM)evanjmundy Wrote: I experimented with "QT" and a Jack package, but they must not have integrated with Alsa/MusE, because we could not find a formula for verified Alsa playback

Qt and Jack are building blocks that MusE is created with but they do not directly have to do with softsynths (well, jack is somewhat relevant).

(08-03-2016, 07:54 PM)evanjmundy Wrote: I am familiar with the score notation process in MusE, and the demo .mid files and I used these as a basis for attempted softsynth playback.  So can I get softsynth playback with my current configuration, or is there particular syntax I should enter in a terminal,  or should I be prepared to skip all this until I can aquire a supported midi interface? I should also mention that I currently must use a midi keyboard,
not a sequencer for midi input.
Sincerely, Evan Mundy

I have an old demo song which initiates a few synths and audio tracks with effects and automation, it also includes some sample soundfonts. For some reason I never got around to complete it. Anyway, here it is, maybe it gives some insight to what you are missing.


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