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copy parts
Hi Menno,

Indeed the copy should do exactly the same thing.  You can check their contents with the list editor (shortcut ctrl+L) and see that they contain the same CC events.

Are you sure it is the CC events that move the knobs? If you did the midi-learn operation it may be automation that moves the knob. If that is the case the recorded CC events are probably not the ones that the synth listens to (ex CC18 which was brightness for the cheezemachine, as I recall).
I know this may be difficult to come to terms with but there is logic to it.

Lastly, I did a quick test without using an external midi controller.
1. Created a midi part and connected it to the cheezemachine synth
2. opened the pianoroll for this midi part, added the brightness ctrl and drew a curve for it.
3. played back the part and the knob in the cheezemachine gui moves.
4. I duplicated the part and played again and both of them does the same thing and moves the knob.

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