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VST connections lost after re-opening
(03-09-2016, 05:17 PM)spamatica Wrote: Hello again and awesome that you got it working!

Will be interesting to see how your project progresses Smile


No -0 still not working...sorry Sad
this is quite frustrating but i am committed to get it to work. Because it should work this way. Please bear with me Smile

What is happening?
- i opened an existing song. As you can see in the screenshot below, the midi track is pointing to the VST
- VST cheesemachine has 4 notes and, in this case, i drew CC3 events. You can see the screenshot here:
- the strip is set to TOUCH
- but the Attack knob ( to which i assigned the CC3 data) of the VST is NOT moving and the option is greyed out as you can see in

I think somehow the connection gets lost and so the option is greyed out.

Perhaps we could meet up at #lmuse or #lad? This could speed up the solving process?


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