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VST connections lost after re-opening
Yes it works. Great, thanks! Touching and reading in the mixer strip did the trick. And now that i use it, it seems logical Tongue

This is an important step for us to continue our music project: knowing that movements of VST instrument knobs can be recorded and saved!

Another nice feature of Muse - for us anyway - is to have the JACK connection button available in the Transport Panel. We are working on a configuration of 2 computers where one is Master and the other is Slave. The Master controls the Slave by JackTransport.
When the person is working on the Slave (running Muse) it can disconnect from the Master (boss of the JackTransport) and work a while on his own.
When he is ready to share his improved work he can connect again to the JackTransport of the Master to join the total compostion.

If you are interested you can read about our idea here:

I'll be sure to update this article with our new experiences on how to handle Muse.

thanks again,

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