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VST connections lost after re-opening
Hello Menno and once again I'm sorry for late reply, the forum is supposed to tell me when there are messages but it doesn't work good..

Anyway, this is a bit complicated but I think I know the reason to what you are experiencing.

I looked at one of the songs you sent and looking at the recorded midi part with the list editor I can see a whole bunch of CC3 events, which leads me to believe you recorded the automation at the same time as the midi.
Also you had assigned the CC3 to the VST function using the menu in the automation column in the arranger, or using the muse-internal version of the plugin gui and right clicking on the relevant knob. Is that about right?

If you check on the mixer strip for the synth you were using you will find a button that says Off or Read at the bottom. This is the automation setting for the synth. To be able to record automation the way you tried you need to click this button and change it to Write or Touch, I recommend Touch.
If you redo the automation recording now it will stick.
You can look at this automation by clicking in the automation column in the arranger and checking this particular parameter. It should appear as a line on this track in the arranger. If there is automation recorded it will clearly be seen here.

I hope that was somewhat understandable.. I should make a video of this if I haven't already. Tongue
Let me know how that worked.


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