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connecting external synth
(10-29-2015, 05:45 PM)Hi,mcarl40 Wrote: I am trying to connect Zynaddsubfx to Muse. If I add an input track, I see that Muse sees Zyn from the input jack at the bottom.

However, I have tried multiple combinations and I can not get the pianoroll keyboard in the midi track to connect to this external synth.

The qjackctl connections seem logical.

It does seem that I should see something in the midi connections dialogue, but I do not.

What am I missing?

If you have a standard setup of MusE with jack, Zyn should have connected itself to jack.
In this case the midi_in of Zyn should be available as a preconfigured device in  MusE Settings -> Midi ports

If you create a midi track and click on the Port column of that track you should see the zyn port listed and can select it.
This will setup the midi track to send midi to zyn.

You are actually finished here since Zyn can send it's audio output directly to the soundcard. 
Optionally you can use that Audio Input track to route Zyn's audio back into MusE. 
Moreover it is best to setup MusE's routes from inside MusE. Usually you want MusE to remember all settings on reloading the song and it's not so good at doing that if the configuration was done outside of MusE.
This leads me to another improvement. There is an LV2 version of Zyn which I can recommend you try, this way Zyn is started as a plugin from inside MusE. This allows for another level of integration so all Zyn's settings are also stored in the song file.

I hope that helped, otherwise just get back to us.

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