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MusE 2.2 Drum maps
Hello again,

I've tried to repeat your troubles with drum maps but I can't get it to fail :S probably my use case is too simple. If you could give me a step by step instruction for a something that you don't think behaves as it should that would be great.
I think you mean the Fabla drum machine, never tried it myself.
I agree Rui is an exceptional guy! Smile

I looked into the 'hide' feature also and it seems it unforunately only works in the new drum editor.
Though it should be possible to rearrange the list so you get the real drums in the beginning. It seems this is where it break for you, should work..

If something is a bug can be a matter of debate, but if the program crashes then there is no question, it's a bug.

Hi Robert.

This is a bit windy but I see what is happening and open for suggestions.

I normally think of a midi piano with notes from 0 to 127, 0 being the lowest (left hand) and 127 the highest (right hand)
just like the actual piano graphic in a MusE regular midi track. MusE starts with lowest (scroll to bottom) C -2 octaves up to
G 8 octave (scroll to top).

So when I say KD 0 at midi note 21 I mean A -1 octaves on the MusE piano, KD -1 at midi note 20 means G#/Ab -1 on the
MusE piano. So I map from the lower midi notes to the higher. The more common kick, snare then hi-hats going up
to less common sounds.

For the GM (old style drum track, Reset GM Map from Menu->Functions), this triggers the correct sounds for me even
though the E/A-Note name don't match up (expected) and the physical midi note events seem to have been moved (UN-expected but true).

e.g. The KD 0 midi note 21 A -1 triggers correctly (so do all the others) but the physical midi events show up in the drum
mapping under E/A-Note A -1 (correct for the MusE piano) but the physical events are showing up on the 14th row from the bottom.

The E-Note and A-Note names that I actually see in the drum editor, starting from top to bottom have the following names :
b0 c1 thru a#1 then, b1 c2 thru a#2 then, b2 c3 thru a#3 then, b3 (no c4) c#4 thru a#4 then, b4 c5 thru a#5 then b5 c6 thru a#6
then b6 c7 thru a#7 then b7 c8 thru g8 (no g#8, a or a#8) then, (down to octave -2 and CAPS) C-2 thru B-2 then, C-1 thru B-1
then (back to lower case and octave 0) c-0 thru a#0.

So b0 being actual midi note 35 Acoustic Bass Drum, c1 being actual midi note 36 Bass Drum 1, a#/Bb2 being actual midi note 58
Vibraslap and so on down to a4 midi note 81 Open Triangle. So in this case the top midi note is 35 ascending up to note 81
mapping the standard midi percussion sounds. Then 81 ascending up to 127 (G8), then wrapping at 0 (C-2) ascending to 34 (A#0).

A#0 C-2 | G8 A4 B0
1) So MusE is mapping : (Bot/Left) 34 <--- 0 |<- 127 <--- 81 <--- GM Percussion <--- 35 (Top/Right)

C-2 B0 A4 G8
2) I'm thinking : (Bot/Left) 0 ---> 35 ---> GM Percussion ---> 81 ---> 127 (Top/Right)

That's why I got confused. When I'm looking at the drum editor my physical midi events are triggering yet most are split way
down at the bottom or way up top. For GM drums, MusE is moving the drums to the top to avoid scrolling. It
also maps in the opposite direction of what I was thinking.

Just so happens the actual midi notes that I'm trying to create the drum map for range from 20 thru 107 with the bulk
between 20 and 50.

I have mapped the kicks, snare and about half of the hi-hats sounds to midi notes 20-34 these all appear
at the bottom of the drum editor. The other half of the hi-hats, toms etc are 35-50, most used below 70 so...
yep, they really do appear at the top.

So, knowing this I load the new drum map again. The map looks fine and when clicking on the sound column it is
triggering the correct sound.

Problem: The physical midi notes in the grid do not get moved/re-mapped based upon the A-Note when the new map is applied.
So mapping looks like 2 and triggers but the midi in the grid looks like 1 so no sound unless one of the new mapped sounds
just happens to fall on a row with events (wrong events for the sound though).

I have to look a little more.


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