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Exporting midi project question? - jaylinux - 10-29-2011

Hi, I'm new to MusE and cant get it to work on my system for now. But before i get into debugging I'd like to know if i can export midi projects with a tempo track to Cubase 5? Will all the tempo change export to Cubase? MusE will probably be useless for me if it cant so I'd like to know before i spend much time figuring out linux and audio etc...

MusE looks really nice BTW. I'll probably learn it in the future anyway since it feel very familiar to me and would like to learn the linux platform in the future.


Re: Exporting midi project question? - term356 - 10-29-2011

MusE can export SMF 0 or SMF 1 midi files,
which can then be imported into another application.

MusE will export all tempo changes and key signatures,
as well as markers and other meta events, including
specific user-added meta events.

Should work OK.
If there are still problems, running or exporting, feel free
to ask either here or in the mailing lists, or even file a
bug report if warranted. We can help.


Re: Exporting midi project question? - jaylinux - 10-30-2011

Thanks a lot Tim. This is good news.

Gonna try to get jack to connect to server now which it won't do for some reason.

Thanks again.

Re: Exporting midi project question? - term356 - 11-17-2011

Just an update: There were bugs in SMF 0 export.
Should be fixed now in the development branch for release 2.